Why does your organization want to work on inclusive diversity?

Your answer to this question forms the starting point for the process resulting in a tailor made program, which consists of four modules. In the modules, which can also be purchased separately, we bring your inclusion and diversity policy to life. We do this in the form of team coaching, dialogue sessions and workshops.


We work on themes such as unconscious bias, power structures, groupthink, personal leadership, self-efficacy, and much more. We also develop tools together with employees and stakeholders to integrate the developed inclusive diversity policy within your organization.

Program Design *

•   The program consists of four modules

•   Each module is dedicated to one pillar

•   Each module lasts one day or two half-days

•   Usually the modules take place monthly

•   The modules can take place offline and online

•   Large teams can be divided into smaller groups


* The specific content of the program will be tailored to the wishes of your organization.



•   Increase their authenticity and develop inclusive personal leadership

•   Take ownership of their own position

•   Are aware of their purpose

•   Translate their personal potential into their own work related activities


•   Show joint ownership of an inclusive work environment

•   Develop collective wisdom that improves team results

•   Can deal with different ways of communication

•   Can deal with conflict and improve cohesion within the team


•   Develop inclusion and diversity policy that is linked to the business

•   Create a safe company culture in which diverse perspectives are respected

•   Develop knowledge about what adjustments need to be made to create equity in opportunity

•   Create optimal conditions for cultural and behavioral change processes


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